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Dream Baby Teethers

 Advocating for Babies Health and Wellness 
Our Pro
ducts are always Made in the USA
Ensuring Babies always have a Clean none Toxic Teether  

ABOUT Us: Established in 2016, Opulent Global Products Inc is a California-based company specializing in innovative baby products. Led by a passionate team of women, We prioritize both infant well-being and parental convenience. Our flagship product, the Dream Baby Teether, exemplifies this commitment, offering safe and soothing solutions for teething troubles. Committed to excellence, Opulent Global Products strives to be a leading force in the baby care industry.

FOUNDER STORY: As a child, I, never imagined why babies would always come to me and my teachers would ask me to babysit, until years later in 2017 that Purpose was revealed from the  DREAM BABY TEETHER by an Actual Dream to create an ideal product suitable for baby’s teething needs. I was so excited, wrote it down, ran with the calling and in 2018, fully produced in the USA, the great teether that babies and parents love, it was shelved ready by 2021, now on the market selling in demand, and proven at once to be highly interrupting my competitor’s attention, which keeps making me smile. Yes, the Dream Baby Teether will continue to be strategically made 100% in the USA forever.

Thank you for loving our great product, made for your baby!



Global Industry Leader  
The Dream Baby Teether, already Disrupted our Competitors Causing them Concerned. They said our products are not made in the USA

But we keep smiling and Answer our Customers with “YES” of course, we only produce our great Products, in the USA, Forever! 

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