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Colorful Balloons
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available in 3 colors
& 5 packages  see below

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DREAM BABY TEETHER               3-n-1  Pack  860006862732.jpg
DREAM  BABY TEETHER   5 Pack Multi  860006862749.jpg

Dream Baby Teether

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Simplifying Parent’s Lives by Helping Reduce Baby Pain

We create and manufacture our Signature “Dream Baby Teether" available  in 3 colors, a perfect baby gift and more!
At Opulent, we know that little ones become big quickly and our mission is to advocate for their wellness which is why we focus on using only the best quality materials.

"Dream Baby Teether” is 100% grade and made in the USA.  And made with other approved materials, so that parents have a teether they can trust is safe for their baby. 

We strive for baby wellness.


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the best

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Emoji Balloons
Cute Baby Boy
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Simplifying Parent’s Lives

by Helping

Reduce Baby Pain

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Made in the USA